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Biographical Information
Species Matoran
Group Le-Matoran
Mask Unknown
Colors Green, possibly turquoise
Element/Powers Air
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Occupation Member of Gukko Force
Tools None
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation Shoo
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Shu was a Le-Matoran native to the island city of Metru Nui.


Metru Nui

Shu lived and worked in Le-Metru. He was eventually captured by the Vahki and put into a Matoran Sphere until the Toa Metru rescued him and brought him to Mata Nui.

Mata Nui

Shu lived and worked in Le-Koro as a member of the Gukko Force. He was captured when Nui-Rama attacked Le-Koro but was later freed by Takua and Tamaru. He was rebuilt into a stronger form at the Kini-Nui by the Turaga. He also helped build boats for the return trip to Metru Nui.

Return to Metru Nui

After the Matoran returned to Metru Nui, Shu helped to rebuild the city until the Staff of Artakha did the rest. He was also present during the ceremony for Matoro.

Spherus Magna

Sometime later he evacuated the Matoran Universe onto Spherus Magna.



  • "Shu [树]" means tree in Mandrin.
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