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Sisters of the Skrall
Sisters of the Skrall Information
Species AffliationSkrall
EnemiesOther Tribes
LeaderElement Lord of Rock (formerly)
HomelandSpherus Magna/Bara Magna

The Sisters of the Skrall were the female members of the Skrall species, driven away from the male members of the Rock Tribe.


The female Skrall were long ago given psychic abilities by Annona, an ancient inhabitant of Spherus Magna who would later feed off of the Iron Tribe's minds, causing the Dreaming Plague, and they absorbed knowledge beyond that of the male Skrall. Due to this, the female Skrall were shunned and excluded by the males.

When the Baterra appeared and the Skrall were forced to migrate south, the females were abandoned and left to survive alone. Eventually, one managed to rally the others together for survival, and they survived throughout the time that the male Skrall were advancing into Bara Magna.

A rumor later started amongst the female Skrall that the Great Being Angonce knew a way to amplify the mental powers that they had beyond comprehension. It quickly became the goal of every female Skrall to find Angonce and be given this great enhancement to their ability.

Tuma and Stronius visited the Sisters of the Skrall to form an alliance to fight against the Baterra. When Stronius refused to lay down his weapon, he was struck by a powerful mental assault, casting him into a painful illusion. The leader then attacked Tuma and then ordered the pair to be killed. However, Tuma told them of Angonce and agreed to share his location to the Sisters in exchange for eliminating any Baterra found along the way. The Sisters agreed and released Tuma, planning to gain vast powers from Angonce and eliminate the males.

Along their way, the Sisters encountered the being who gave them their powers, which were then used against them, stripping them of all individual thought or focus. The being then brought the Skrall females underground, where they were cloaked in illusion for Sahmad when he was later pulled down as well. When the false world was shattered, the Sisters charged Sahmad and his two allies, Metus and Telluris, forcing the three to the surface, which unwittingly freed Annona as well.

Abilities and Traits[]

Unlike the males, the Sisters of the Skrall didn't wear armor, helmets, or carry weapons. Instead, they carried staffs and wore robes in faded purple or dark brown to conceal themselves. They could use their mental abilities to cause pain and cast illusions. They also hated the male Skrall for what they did to them long ago, and saw no greater good than having all the Skrall males wiped out.


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