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Species Information
Tools and AbilitiesVarious weapons and Elemental powers

The Skakdi were a very brutal species living on the island of Zakaz. They were tall and powerful, wearing what appeared to be a permanent, bestial smile. They also had organic spines that extended from the back of their heads to their upper arms, which ended in claws. The most well-known Skakdi were the Piraka.


The Skakdi were once quite a peaceful race, but when Spiriah, the Makuta assigned to their home island, visited Zakaz, he saw the potential for them becoming troops that would be able to serve the Brotherhood. He tampered with them, giving them many powers and abilities, so they could serve the Brotherhood of Makuta.

He then left Zakaz with a number of Visorak to watch over the island and to keep the Skakdi from evolving until he returned to deal with them, but the Skakdi killed the Visorak, and started a war against each other, fighting over "any three rocks put together".

The war continued until recently. When Spiriah returned, half the population was fighting with the other half, so the Brotherhood put Zakaz under quarantine and forbid traveling on and off the island.

Despite Spiriah's failure, he returned to Zakaz in an attempt to use an army of Zyglak to wipe the species out and erase his mistake. However, his army was destroyed by Ehlek's species.

Following Makuta Teridax's takeover of the Matoran Universe, a number of Skakdi, including the warlord Nektann, allied with Teridax and fought against the Glatorian on Bara Magna.

After Teridax's death the remaining Skakdi exited the Matoran Universe on to Spherus Magna.

Powers and Abilities[]

Skakdi have been shown to possess tremendous strength equal to, or perhaps even greater than that of a Toa. After the Skakdi were tampered with, they developed vision-based powers, such as heat vision and impact vision, and also elemental powers, but they could only be activated when two Skakdi used them together. They also had the ability to use Kanohi powers, as Vezon has demonstrated. Some Skakdi had additional abilities as well.


  • It has been confirmed that female Skakdi exist, and that they are more vicious and destructive than males.
  • The Brotherhood and the Order both agree about Zakaz being quarantined, one of the few things which they agree upon.
  • If a Skakdi was turned into a Hordika he/she would have to use his/her Rhotuka with other Skakdi.

Known Skakdi[]


Irnakk, the greatest nightmare of many Skakdi