The great beast, meanwhile, was growing impatient to crush this golden-armored pest. The Skopio concentrated, mentally triggering the mechanical Thornax Launcher built into it ages ago. With a hiss of hydraulics and a metallic hum, the launcher rose from the creature's back and locked into place.
— Narration, BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn (Book)
Skopio Creature
Skopio (creature)
Species Information
ColorsDark red, gray
HomelandSpherus Magna, retreated to Bara Magna after The Shattering
Species StatusAt least some alive

Skopio were giant, scorpion-like creatures that lived on Spherus Magna, and later Bara Magna. The members of the Iron Tribe used to worship the Skopio creatures. They were modified by the Great Beings to be biomechanical, giving them a Thornax Launcher and other changes. Telluris, a member of the Iron Tribe, created the Skopio XV-1 based off the design of a Skopio.



  • In BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn, Telluris can be seen riding it from above, laying prone, however this is considered non-canon. Telluris was placed on the Skopio because, without him, the model looked too skinny and hollow. He was put in as part of the Skopio's body, not as a driver.
    • His arms can be seen wrapping around the head and grabbing the mandibles, as if they are part of them.
  • The only visible differences between the Skopio XV-1 vehicle and the Skopio creature is that the creature possessed spikes on the ends of its legs, the creature is a darker red, and the creature is scaled much larger with more filled out armor.