Skrall Sword
Skrall sword
Weapon Information
User(s)Skrall, Branar
StatusIn Use

Swords were commonly used by Skrall. They were often outfitted with a Thornax Launcher to be used as a offensive ranged weapon. The pattern on the side resembled part of a maze. Some were a different shape and did not have the pattern on the side or the launcher.

Black Ice Sword

A more simple version of the Skrall Sword

Known Users[]

Set Information[]

  • Three of the main sword pieces were released as part of the Skrall 8978 set, for both the blade and as shoulder armor. Versions of the piece with lime green cores were used on the other Skrall set, on Tuma's back, and for Fero's blade.
  • The set Stars Skrall 7136 uses a black Ice Sword instead of the original blade
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