Skull Basher
Set Skull Basher
Biographical Information
Species Unknown
Group Skull Creatures
Mask Skull Mask (Powerless)
Colors Gunmetal, silver, violet,
red-orange, black
Element/Powers Ability to drain masks of their Elemental Powers
Homeland Okoto
Occupation Guarding The Forge
Tools Hook Axes, Doom Spikes
Location City of The Mask Makers
Status Unknown
Pronunciation {{{11}}}
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Skull Basher was the guardian of the Temple of Creation.

Powers and Tools[]

Skull Basher is the strongest of the Skull Grinder Kulta's army. He can drain others elemental powers from Golden Masks. He wields duel Hook Axes which can smash the strongest of enemies.


  • He has the same skull mask as Skull Scorpio, something that was also done for several of the Hero Factory villain sets (for instance, Waspix and Scorpio of Quatros had the same faces, although theirs were colored differently). 
  • Skull Basher's set function is when pressing the button on his back brings his arms together, hence making a bashing motion.
Skull Army
Leader: Skull Grinder
Members: Skull SlicerSkull ScorpioSkull BasherSkull Warrior