Skull Scorpio
Set Skull Scorpio
Biographical Information
Species Unknown
Group Skull Creatures
Mask Skull Mask (Powerless)
Colors Silver, black, neon yellow, red-orange
Element/Powers Ability to drain masks of their Elemental Powers
Homeland Okoto
Occupation {{{7}}}
Tools Stinger and Hook Blades, Gripping Pincers
Location City of The Mask Makers
Status Alive
Pronunciation {{{11}}}
Video {{{Video}}}

The Skull Scorpios were creatures created by Kulta, The Skull Grinder.


An unknown time ago, Kulta created the Skull Scorpios using his dark power.

Powers and Tools[]

Skull Scorpio can drain elemental powers from Golden Masks. They hunt in small packs, and will wait for days on end for their prey if necessary.

All Skull Scorpios have dual Stinger and Hook Blades, as well as a Gripping Pincers.


  • The Skull Scorpio set is the second largest figure for Bionicle 2015, with the largest one being the Lord of Skull Spiders.
    • Incidentally, both are based off of arachnids.
Skull Army
Leader: Skull Grinder
Members: Skull SlicerSkull ScorpioSkull BasherSkull Warrior