Skull Slicer
Set Skull Slicer
Skull Slicer Information
Species Unknown
Group Skull Creatures
Mask Skull Mask (Powerless)
Colors Silver, gunmetal, bright green, red-orange
Element/Powers Ability to drain masks of their Elemental Powers
Homeland Okoto
Occupation Arena Guard
Tools Hook Blades, Mask Grabber
Location City of The Mask Makers
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Skull Slicer was a former gladiatorial champion, and a lieutenant of Kulta the Skull Grinder.


Many years ago, Skull Slicer was a beloved arena champion by the Okoto villagers. At one point after the shock wave across the island he perished. His body was later reanimated and controlled by Kulta (he was sent to guard the arena in the center of the city of the mask makers). Lewa went to the arena for some "fun", only to be defeated and have his Mask of Power taken by Skull Slicer. When the other Toa arrived, Skull Slicer challenged them in a match, in which the players must hit a lever, opening up the floor beneath the other players. Tahu, Onua and Kopaka completed the objective, winning against Skull Slicer. After the floor gave out, Skull Slicer fell, presumably to his final death.

Powers and Tools[]

Skull Slicer is fast and vicious, and uses all four arms in combat, making him a tricky adversary. He wields three Hook Blades which can easily cut through rock, and are fused to his hands. He also wields a Mask Grabber, which can snatch a mask off of an opponent's face, and Bone Spikes that he can wound his enemies with. He can also drain elemental powers from Golden Masks.


  • Skull Slicer is the third Bionicle set to have four arms, the first two being Nocturn and Gorast.
    • In addition, all three figures have some form of green on them, typically lime green. 
Skull Army
Leader: Skull Grinder
Members: Skull SlicerSkull ScorpioSkull BasherSkull Warrior