Skull Spider
Skull spiders
Species Information
Tools and AbilitiesLegs, stingers
Controlling opponents

The Skull Spider was an aggressive species of spider-like animals which inhabited the various regions of the island of Okoto. They were ruled by the Lord of Skull Spiders, through his telepathic powers and the Golden Mask of the Skull Spiders . Some have stinger tails, as seen in the Bionicle Mask of Creation game, but only blue ones have tails; they feature in two sets: Pohatu and the Protector Of Stone .


Green Skull Spiders[]

The green Skull Spiders possessed x-ray vision. This enabled them to find prey, even in total darkness. 

Blue Skull Spiders[]

The blue Skull Spiders were quite strong. They were known to survive incredible things, such as Onua falling on them.

Silver Skull Spiders[]

The silver Skull Spiders were the fastest type, possessing lightning-quick reflexes.

Set Information[]

  • A Skull Spider was included in each Toa and Protector.
  • A blue Skull Spider was also included in the BIONICLE Hero Pack, along with a special version of the Mask of Fire.


  • In the comics included with Most of the Winter 2015 Sets sets, red Skull Spiders are shown.
  • Also, in the comics, the green Skull Spider is dark green, unlike in the sets, where it is a lighter shade.


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