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Item Information
Primary User(s)Vultraz
Primary LocationKarda Nui
FunctionalitiesFlight, aerial combat

The Skyfighter was a vehicle that belonged to Vultraz.



Recently, a Brotherhood of Makuta servant named Vultraz, approached a former Nynrah Ghost and the two began to construct the Skyfighter using stolen parts. Vultraz tested it on a small island, killing two Matoran and injuring twelve others. This caught the attention of Vultraz's rival Mazeka and he began looking for Vultraz. However, Vultraz was summoned to Karda Nui by Makuta Icarax.

Use in Karda Nui

Mazeka tracked Vultraz down to Karda Nui and the two engaged in a battle. Both of their vehicles were about to strike each other had Vezon not appeared when he travelled to Karda Nui while still mastering the Kanohi Olmak that was fused to his face. This caused both vehicles to travel through the dimensional gate intact.


It was destroyed when Vultraz accidentally crash landed it into a tree after suddenly and unexpectedly teleporting to the Melding alternate dimension. The Skyfighter was transformed into raw energy and the tree also destroyed and it burn the energy. after that, the energy was disintegrated.


The Skyfighter in set form


The Skyfighter had capabilities of flight. The vehicle was also known to utilise an altered Midak Skyblaster that shot bolts of Shadow. The Skyfighter was also able to allow Vultraz to channel his Shadow powers through it.

Set Infomation

  • The Skyfighter was released with Vultraz in 2008. Its set number was 8698. This set contained a total of 133 pieces. The Skyfighter consisted of 121 of these pieces.
  • The set's item number was 8698.
  • There is a place in the body to store the extra ammunition for the Midak Skyblaster.


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