Kohrak-Kal's Sound powers destroying it
Element Information
Matoran Prefix De-
Associated Color(s) Primary: Grey
Secondary: Black
Associated Location(s) Quiet regions

Sonics was a reverberating Elemental Power involving sound, within the Matoran Universe. This was one of the rarer elements, and it was used infrequently by Toa, Turaga, and Matoran.

Toa of Sonics had almost perfect control of the element, while De-Matoran simply had an acute sense of hearing. Turaga of Sonics had powers somewhere in the middle.

All users of this element were passively sensitive to sound, to the point of injury. They could hear minute things from kio away, but could also be incapacitated by loud noises in close proximity.


  • Creating soundwaves.
  • Riding soundwaves to achieve flight.
  • Amplifying ambient and existing sound to unbearable or imperceptible volumes.
  • Using sonic waves to disrupt a structure's integrity.
  • Absorbing sound in an area, which can create a field of silence.
  • Unleashing a Sonics Nova Blast (Toa Exclusive)
  • Unleashing sonic vibrations to crumble stone and shatter metal.
  • Sonar/Echolocation.
  • Creating a sonic barrier.
  • Unleashing a sonic boom.
  • Imitating sounds.
    • Vocal mimicry


With all wielding different elements, six Toa could combine their powers to create a Protodermis Cage, capable of sealing away powerful beings, such as the likes of Makuta Teridax, or the Bahrag Queens. Freeing trapped entities required a shard of the prison to be charged with the same elemental powers used to construct it. 

Beings other than Toa could not combine their powers at all, making them the only ones able to do so.

Known Users[]


  • Sonics was first introduced with 2003's Kohrak-Kal, although it did not appear as a Toa element until 2005's BIONICLE Adventures 10: Time Trap.
  • All Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of Sonics were male.
  • Due to their acute sense of hearing, Toa of Sonics were vulnerable to their own power.
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