Southern Continent
Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsMatoran, Rahi
LocationSouth of Metru Nui, North of the Southern Islands and above Karda Nui
MakutaMutran and other Makuta (all deceased)

The Southern Continent, also known as the Mainland, was a large landmass in the Matoran Universe that Voya Nui broke off from. Karzahni sent most of his "fixed" Matoran there when he was done with them. The mainland was located in a dome far south of Metru Nui. The Northern Continent and Stelt were north of it, Destral to the west, Daxia to the southeast, and Karda Nui was directly beheath it.

When Voya Nui split from the continent, a huge hole was punched in its dome, flooding the landmass with water from the Endless Ocean of Aqua Magna. Makuta Mutran was assigned to the center of the Mainland.

When the cord connecting Voya Nui and Mahri Nui was about to be destroyed, the Toa Mahri led Matoran from Mahri Nui to Voya Nui, and Axonn led all the Matoran to shelter. The cord was then destroyed, and Voya Nui sank back into the Matoran Universe, in its proper place on the Southern Continent.

When Mazeka and a Teridax from another dimension were teleported to the Matoran Universe, they found themselves somewhere on the Southern Continent, near a Ba-Matoran village. Teridax noticed them there, and teleported three Shadow Takanuva to their location, though they were quickly killed.

After Teridax's death the inhabitants of the mainland immagrated to Spherus Magna.

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