Spear of Fusion
Spear of Fusion
Weapon Information
FunctionFusion, Fission
User(s)Vezon (formerly)

The Spear of Fusion was an artifact that could fuse two beings into one and then defuse them. It became Vezon's weapon, but was ultimately destroyed by Jaller. The wielder is able to use its power to fuse two participants together, effectively uniting them even if they are unwilling.


A tool like the Spear of Fusion was used by a Dark Hunter to make "Prototype" out of two Toa - one of Fire and one of Earth, who were both just about to fuse into a Toa Kaita-like being.

The Piraka found the Spear in Mangaia while searching for artifacts to steal from Makuta Teridax's base. Hakann "accidentally" fired it at Vezok, splitting him into two beings - himself and Vezon. When a Mana-Ko attacked them, Vezon escaped the Piraka and ran away with the spear in his possession.

In the Chamber of Life, once the Piraka had arrived there, Vezon used the spear to fuse Vezok and Reidak, resulting in the Piraka Fusion. He also used the spear to fuse some of Zaktan's protodites together. He later defused them once the combination had defeated the remaining four Piraka. After the Toa Inika had defeated Vezon and the Kardas Dragon, Vezok wanted somebody to fuse him back to Vezon. But Zaktan knew that the Piraka needed to follow the Toa Inika immediately, and ordered Reidak to snap it in several pieces.

Vezon used the Spear of Fusion to repair itself, after the Inika's Zamor Sphere wore off. He followed the Inika into the Stone Cord, carrying the spear. Unfortunately, when he encountered the Toa, Jaller destroyed the spear permanently with a burst of fire.

Set Information[]

  • The Spear of Fusion was included in the 2006 Vezon & Fenrakk set as well as the Vezon & Kardas set.
  • The set had 281 pieces; 269 of which assembled the figures, while the remaining 12 assemble the Spear of Fusion itself.


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