Takanuva turned to see a mask floating in midair. The voice was coming from the mask, but that made no sense. Masks couldn't talk, they were just...masks.
— Narration, BIONICLE: Journey of Takanuva
Spectral Mask
JoT-Art-Spectral Mask
Biographical Information
Species One-of-a-kind
Colors Transparent blue
Element/Powers Dimensional gates
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Occupation Unknown
Tools None
Location City of Silver Pocket Dimension
Status Alive
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The "Spectral Mask" was a mysterious being with the appearance of a floating transparent Great Kanohi Hau. It lived in the City of Silver Pocket Dimension, within a dead forest near the City of Silver.


The Spectral Mask was the first being Toa Takanuva encountered upon his arrival in its pocket dimension. It attempted to inform him of a village in trouble, but Takanuva cut the mask short and hurried off to help before the being completed its tale. Takanuva then fought off the creature there, not knowing that the city was actually its home.

Takanuva later returned to the mask, who informed the Toa that the beings he had "saved" were actually a species which had driven the benevolent race from their natural home. Takanuva later sought out the giant creature and made peace with it, helping it drive the invaders out of the city.

Upon returning to the mask, it congratulated Takanuva and told him of the value of not judging based on appearance. In gratitude, it opened a dimensional portal to an alternate universe.


Good does not always come in little packages, or evil in big ones. My giant friend is gentle and kind, and uses his teeth and claws only to defend himself. I'm sure he would have told you that if he'd had the chance.
— The Spectral Mask, BIONICLE: Journey of Takanuva
All beings make mistakes, at some times. But part of being a hero is admitting you were wrong and fixing them. You have done that well.
— The Spectral Mask to Takanuva, BIONICLE: Journey of Takanuva
Remember, good and evil can be found in the deeds of others, not in their appearance.
— The Spectral Mask to Takanuva, BIONICLE: Journey of Takanuva