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Spider Crab
Spider crab
Species Information
ColorsBlack, silver, white
HabitatThe Pit
Tools and AbilitiesTentacles, fangs, mouth

Spider Crabs are rahi creatures used by the Barraki as steeds. They are the only things that scare the Toa Terrain Crawler. They have 6 main articulated legs, 2 more pedipalp or leg like appendages, 2 tentacles, and a mouth surrounded by fangs. A Barraki can fit inside of one similar to that of the Toa Terrain Crawler, and its abdomen appears to be capable of storing Solidified Air Bubbles

Set Info[]

A Spider Crab was included in 8925 Barraki Deepsea Patrol, a playset released in 2007. It came with a mounted Squid Launcher, a jellyfish, and a capsule. It was the only 2007 playset where all figures had the correct shaped heads.