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Spiny Stone Ape
250px-Rahi Spiny Stone Ape-1-
Species Information
ColorsMottled brown and grey
WeaponsItself, foreclaws, bladed tail, spiky hide
Species StatusMost alive
The Po-Matoran were very fortunate that the Spiny Stone Ape is not overtly aggressive. This creature possesses tremendous strength, allowing it to easily lift ten times its own weight. Combine this raw power with sharp claws, a swordlike tail, and pincushion armor, and it is no wonder this Rahi has proven a threat even to Visorak.
Iruini, BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts

Spiny Stone Apes were large ape- like Rahi native to Po-Metru and Po-Wahi.


Known for their aggressiveness when their territory has been invaded combined with their tremendous strength make them very dangerous when agitated. They had a symbiotic relationship with Rock Raptors, living in abandoned caves and Raptor-carved tunnels while providing considerable defense for the Rock Raptors.


These large Rahi were covered in a mottled brown and grey hide that helped it blend into its environment. Spiny Stone Ape had powerful arms and legs, and sharp claws that helped it to climb vertical surfaces rather quickly and helped it to cross slippery surfaces. It also had a long bladed tail that it used to balance itself while climbing and crossing slippery surfaces. Its hide was covered in spines which protected itself from attack and they could also defend themselves by curling up into a ball, exposing their foreclaws, bladed tail, and spiny hide. They usually make a guttural hissing to warn anyone that they might attack.


  • The Spiny Stone Ape model was designed by Jordan Steelquist.