Species Information
ColorsYellow/Orange or Blue/Green
Species StatusAt least some in existence

Squids were a type of underwater creatures and fully organic sea life.

Barraki Usage[]

After the Barraki were banished to the Pit and it was destroyed, they discovered the Squid. They could suck life energy from targets, and the Barraki discovered they make very useful and deadly weapons; and, henceforth, used them. The squids were specifically bred by Kalmah, and he is also the one who built the Barraki's launchers to help the squids travel quickly to their target. He would not allow anyone into the breeding grounds, ever since Mantax ate most of a brood. Kalmah kept them half-starved so they would be eager and hungry for the next foe to drain the life energy from. The squid kill their opponents by attaching themselves to the target with their circular mouths, latching on with very sharp teeth and literally feeding on the life energy until the target has died.

If Kalmah were to rub his tentacle across a squid, he could "hear" what that squid was willing to share, and get information from it.


Blue-Green Squid

Squid Movie

Music Video Squid

Set Information[]

  • Its product number was 8934.
  • It was the only set aside from Zamor Spheres to be a set containing only ammo.


  • The Squid Ammo set came in shades of pale green and aqua while semi-translucent yellow and amber orange Squids were sold with the Barraki and were the variety seen in the story (especially in yellow).
  • A squid was featured in the short Singing Squid movie.
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