Squid Launcher
Weapon Information
PowerFires squids
FunctionThe Barraki, Karzahni, Gadunka (formerly), Pit War Tortoise, Nocturn (formerly), Manutri
User(s)In use

The Squid Launcher was a tool invented by the Barraki known as Kalmah. He invented it soon after he discovered the vampiric Squid that inhabited the Pit. The Squid Launcher acts as a sling-shot, hurling a Squid at an opponent at high speeds. The Squid then latched on and began draining the being's life force. Gadunka and Karzahni picked up squid launchers that they found on the sea floor.

Set Form

In set form, squid launchers have a slot where the squid can be loaded into, pulled on by the squid's rubber tails, and released quickly to fire the squid. Squid launchers can also be attached to the finger for easier shooting.


Animated Squid

Squid Movie

Music Video Squid

Known Users

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Squid Launcher
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