Staff of Shadows

Makuta Teridax wielding his Staff of Shadows.

Weapon Information
PowerChanneling Shadow energy

The Staff of Shadows was Makuta Teridax's weapon. Teridax also used it as a Kolhii Stick in a Kolhii game against Takanuva in Mangaia.


it is unknown when the Staff of Shadows was created, or when Makuta first started using it. However, it was already in his possession by the time the Mask of Light was discovered, and the Master of Shadows would later use it when he challenged the newly-dubbed Takanuva to a one-on-one Kolhii match for the fate of the island. The battle ended in the two combatants falling into a nearby pool of Energized Protodermis and briefly merging into Takutanuva; it is unknown whether the Staff of Shadows was part of this fusion, or was simply abandoned by Makuta during the struggle.


  • In the movie, the top of it was curved to make it look like a giant Kolhii stick (or possibly a twin-bladed scythe), but in the set, they were straight.
  • The weapon was specifically referred to as the "Kolhii Staff of Shadows" in a page promoting the then-new Makuta set in Issue 14 of the comic series; it remains unclear whether this was its true primary purpose.
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