Stasis Tube
Item Information
Primary User(s)Matoran
Primary LocationArchives
FunctionalitiesSlow a being's life functions

Stasis tubes were special tubes that were designed to keep an inhabitant in stasis. The tubes slowed down a being's life functions to almost none, keeping them alive, but in stasis.

The Metru Nui Archives used stasis tubes for their Rahi exhibits. After the Great Cataclysm, most of the tubes were smashed and the Rahi escaped. Since the return to Metru Nui and the use of Staff of Artakha, the Stasis Tubes have been repaired and some of the Rahi have been recaptured.

Stasis tubes were also used on Destral by Makuta Tridax to hold his army of Shadow Takanuvas.

A Stasis Tube was also used in "The Shadowed One"'s throne room on Odina to hold Toa Varian.

In Dark Mirror, Turaga Dume was captured in a Stasis Tube before Takanuva freed him.