Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsSidorak's species, Krekka's species, Gladiator's species, Matoran, Rahi
LocationSouth of Xia, East of the Northern Continent
MakutaMakuta of Stelt (deceased)

Stelt was an island in the Matoran Universe.


Stelt was the homeland of Sidorak and Krekka. The island was a brutal place and fighters such as the Dark Hunter Gladiator often fought each other in the arena. The island also had its own Makuta, the Makuta of Stelt, who were assigned to oversee it following the Great Disruption.

There were two inherent species on Stelt, the Steltian traders (Sidorak's Species) and the brute laborers (Krekka's Species).

Brutaka and his team visited here to "acquire" a boat to get to Artidax and free Makuta Miserix and engaged in a brief fight with a trader of Sidorak's species before stealing the boat.

Not too long after that, Miserix, having been freed, came to the island in search of Teridax. While there, he tore the roof off a shop and asked a Steltian trader where Teridax was. After hearing this, Mazeka went to Stelt. However, he did not see Miserix, so he assumed the story was false. He attacked two blue-armored members of Krekka's species and a former Nynrah Ghost and forced him to tell him where Vultraz had went after he had modified his vehicle there. He managed to get the Fe-Matoran to tell him that Vultraz had gone with Makuta Icarax to Karda Nui.

Stelt was later evacuated following Teridax's death and its inhabitants are now living on Spherus Magna.


Stelt is a barren, rocky island with many ports and sea routes available. Stelt is filled with old shacks, destroyed buildings, and many arenas where fighters can do battle.

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