Stone Hammer
Onewa Stone Hammeronly
Weapon Information
User(s)Po-Matoran, Turaga Onewa, Pahrak Va
StatusIn use (Turaga Onewa), no longer in use (Pahrak Va)

The Stone Hammer was Turaga Onewa's staff and Badge of Office. As a Matoran on Metru Nui, he used the hammer to carve and shape Protodermis tools, furniture and statues, among other things.

Bohrok Va[]

Pahrak Va also carried stone hammers for both offensive and defensive purposes.

The Stone Hammer later became useless when the Pahrak Va, the Bohrok queens, and the rest of the Bohrok swarm returned to their slumber after cleansing Mata Nui (one of the tasks that the Toa Nuva were required to see through in order to awaken the Great Spirit).

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