Stone Shield
Set Stone Shield
Weapon Information
PowerCrumbling stone
FunctionDestroying targets
User(s)The Pahrak
StatusNot in use

Stone Shields, also called Seismic Shields, were the pair of tools carried and wielded by the Bohrok subspecies of Pahrak. They could turn mountains into piles of rubble by generating seismic energy, which when released, caused stone to crack and fall apart. Ultimately, the shields' purpose was to help wipe clean the island of Mata Nui, and to be used for offensive and defensive combat if needed.

Example Usage[]

A group of Pahrak used their shields to destroy the gateway to Ga-Koro in one of the Bohrok Online Animations.

Set Information[]

Stone Shield

A animated version of the shield

  • The Stone Shields were first included in the Pahrak 2002 set, as a pair of weapons.
  • A Stone Shield was also included in the Pahrak Va 2002 set, as part of the Bohrok Va's head.
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