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Stop the Morbuzakh is an online game released by LEGO. You play as Toa Vakama in a Ta-Metru district trying to prevent Morbuzakh vines from collapsing the pillars supporting a track on which vats of Protodermis run. To do this, you must use your Kanoka Disk Launcher to hit the vines. You must collect different Kanoka disks to bring down different colored vines. If too many vines reach the top, molten Protodermis envelops the station, and the game is over.



Arrow keys move Vakama

A aims up

Z aims down

Spacebar fires

Control changes disks from Fire disk to Ga-Metru freeze disk


  • Vakama
  • Morbuzakh, not seen
  • Green vines, defeated in one hit
  • Yellow vines, defeated in two hits or one from Ga-Metru freeze disk
  • Red vines, invincible except from Ga-Metru freeze disk
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