Species Information
ColorsWhite, Blue
Species StatusAlive

Suukorak were white Visorak with light blue eyes and blue legs.


Suukorak and the other Visorak breeds were created by Makuta Chirox on an island. The Visorak were then unleashed upon a small village Tobduk's species was native to. Chirox then named the island after the species.

Kojol later assembled an army of Visorak for a raid on the island of Artakha. However, the army was incinerated by Crystal Serpents.

After Sidorak took credit for Roodaka mutating the Toa Hagah, he given command of the Visorak swarms.

Teridax later commanded Roodaka and Sidorak to come to Metru Nui. They quickly took over the city, and, when the Toa Metru returned to claim the rest of the Matoran, captured them. The Visorak then wrapped them in cocoons and injected them with venom.

Toa Vakama eventually gave in to his bestial side, and was able to gain some control of the swarms from Sidorak and Roodaka. During the battle at the Coliseum, Roodaka knocked Keetongu off of the Coliseum, though Sidorak soon after discovered this was to enrage him, and the Rahi killed Sidorak, allowing Roodaka to take over the swarms. However, Toa Matau had been able to convince Vakama to lead the Toa Metru again, and, since he still had control of the swarms, set them free.

A group of Visorak that invaded Metru Nui after the Toa Metru left again was defeated by Keetongu, the Rahaga, and Dume.

When the Suukorak and the other Visorak went to the island of Artidax because of the Heart of the Visorak, they were killed by a volcanic eruption.

When Teridax took over the Universe, he recreated the breed along with the other Visorak.

Abilities and Traits[]

Suukorak preferred cool areas with thin air over the Archives, thus the higher ruins of Metru Nui, as well as the ruined Ko-Metru. They were masters in planning, knowing when they should attack or retreat.

Suukorak could produce a powerful Rhotuka that created an electrical cage around their target, which would get smaller each time the target moves. They had a natural resistance to cold, and could also slow down their life processes to almost nothing, making them extremely hard to detect.

Set Information[]

  • Suukorak was released in 2005.
  • Suukorak's set number is 8747.
  • Suukorak has 48 pieces.
  • Suukorak could be combined with Boggarak to create the Kahgarak model.

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