Swamp Stalker
Species Information
Colorssilver, black, lime, red (accent)
HabitatSwamp of Secrets
Tools and AbilitiesClaws and Teeth

The Swamp Stalker was a monstrous reptilian Rahi species that dwelled in the Swamp of Secrets surrounding Karda Nui. Upon being exposed to the waters of the swamp, the majority of the species were mutated into several armored colossi. Their jaws were 'powerful enough to snap a Razor Whale in half with one bite.' An average member of the species would spend most of its time beneath the murky waters or laying on muddy islets, waiting for prey. The majority of the species were killed by the Energy Storm. It is unknown if any of the species existed outside of the Universe Core or if there were any survivors.

Set Infomation[]

The Swamp Stalker could be built from the Makuta Mistika sets Krika, Gorast and Bitil.

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