Swamp Strider
Item Information
Primary User(s)Mazeka
Primary LocationKarda Nui

The Swamp Strider was a four-legged walking turret.


The Swamp Strider was originally designed by Toa Helryx. When Tahu and Kopaka got "captured" by the Order of Mata Nui 100,000 years ago, during their training, Helryx showed it to them.

The vehicle later was given to Mazeka sometime before he was sent to Karda Nui. When about to attack Vultraz, He and Mazeka were teleported away, to an alternate Spherus Magna. After appearing in the alternate dimension, the strider was on a collision course with a tree, and Mazeka steered away. However, the balance of the vehicle had tipped, causing it to crash onto the ground, but Mazeka was able to clear the vehicle before it fell.


The Swamp Strider was armed with a heavily armored Midak Skyblaster. It had four legs for movement, and had levitation powers to keep it from touching the waters of the Swamp of Secrets.

Set Info[]

  • The Swamp Strider was released with Mazeka in 2008.
  • The Set's item number is 8954.
  • The Set contains 301 Pieces.
  • The Swamp Strider was released exclusively at Wal-Mart.
  • Similar to the Rockoh T3, the "Midak Skyblaster" is actually a modified Zamor Sphere launcher.
    • Canonically, this is explained as a prototype version.

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