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Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone (destroyed)
Former ResidentsTa-Matoran, Vakama, Tahu
LocationTa-Wahi (formerly)
MakutaTeridax (formerly)

Ta-Koro was the village of Fire on Mata Nui. It was located within the shadow of Mangai Volcano, where the Ta-Matoran and Turaga Vakama lived.


Fire village
After arriving on Mata Nui, Vakama chose Ta-Koro's location, keeping a good defense in mind. The village was then constructed after the Toa returned with the rescued Matoran. After the village was constructed and with his promised year of peace expired, Teridax arrived at the island with Infected Kanohi and Rahi.

After the construction of Ta-Koro, Takua was banished from the village, during which he found the Toa Stones. In the end, Takua returned to Ta-Koro.

Ta-Koro gate
During the Bohrok invasion, a swarm of Pahrak and Kohrak attacked Ta-Koro in an attempt to clean the area. One Matoran had managed to slip away to Kini-Nui to warn the Toa Mata of the attack. The Toa then used the Kakama power of their Golden Kanohi to speed to the village and put a stop to the oncoming swarm. In the aftermath of the Bohrok Wars, Ta-Koro was rebuilt and expanded greatly.

During the search for the seventh Toa, Teridax released three Rahkshi to find the Avohkii and destroy the herald to the mask. They began their search at Ta-Koro, destroying the village as they did so. Gali and Tahu attempted to stop them, but failed and Tahu was infected by Lerahk, the Rahkshi of Poison. In the end, the Ta-Matoran and Vakama escaped and the village sank into the lava.



MNOG Ta-Koro



Ta-Koro was located inside Mangai Volcano, and as such was very hot. The village was located on a small island in a lake of lava and the buildings were made of cooled magma. Illumination of the village was chiefly provided by torches. In the center of the village also lay the Ta-Suva, where Tahu stored Kanohi and his Nuva Symbol.


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