Ta-Koro guard
Ta-Koro Guard
Ta-Koro Guard Information
Species AffliationMatoran
AlliesToa Mata/Toa Nuva, Toa Mahri, Turaga, Matoran
EnemiesAny threat to Ta-Koro, Teridax
LeaderThe Captain of the Guard (formerly Jaller)
HomelandMata Nui
GoalDefend Ta-Koro (formerly), defend Ta-Metru

The Ta-Koro Guard was the Ta-Matoran branch of the Matoran Military which guarded the village of Ta-Koro. The group's leader, known as the Captain of the Guard, was Jaller, though he was replaced when he became a Toa.

All members of the Guard bore a Ta-Koro Ensign Badge. The Ta-Matoran kept outposts to detect any trouble in Ta-Koro. Jaller nonetheless rigidly drilled his guard for any danger, no matter how greatly the Matoran were outmatched.

It was the largest Matoran military force in Mata Nui, and definitely the most famous. To be a member of the Ta-Koro Guard was a great honor, and a sign of courage and skill.


The Ta-Koro Guard was originally formed by Turaga Vakama. He selected Jaller as the Captain of the Guard.

The guard saw its most action defending Ta-Koro in the Matoran-Rahi War just prior to the Toa Mata, and Jaller commented that the fighting against the beasts was fierce and costly. The guard nonetheless was able to force the Rahi back until Tahu arrived. The battles were considered successful, since no Rahi attempted to harm the village.

Its forces defended the city against the Rahkshi attack during the quest for the Mask of Light, but was no match for the forces of Teridax. The guard was forced to retreat, and could only watch as the Rahkshi destroyed the city, and eventually sink it into the lava below.

Ta koro guard

The Ta-Koro Guard

The guard was renamed the Ta-Metru Guard upon return to Metru Nui. After Jaller left for Voya Nui, a new Captain was selected to take Jaller's place.

Known Members of the Guard[]