Tahnok Va
Tahnok Va
Biographical Information
Species Bohrok
Group Bohrok Va
Mask None
Colors Red, Orange
Element/Powers Fire
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Occupation None
Tools Firestaff
Location Bohrok Nest
Status Sleeping
Pronunciation Tah-nock Vah
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Tahnok Va were the Bohrok Va of Fire.


Tahnok Va were created by the Great Beings.

The only known time they were awakened was when Makuta Teridax awakened the Bohrok early. They traveled around, helping the Bohrok swarms by replacing Krana.

Once the Ta-Matoran learned that they were non-living creatures, they used lava to melt most of them.

Abilities and Traits[]

Tahnok Va were fast and reckless, could be seen scurrying at great speed along dangerous ledges with their glowing firestaffs to guide them through the darkest of forest paths and the vast network of Mangaia caves and tunnels.

Set Information[]

  • Tahnok Va was released in 2002.
  • Its set number was 8554 and had 27 pieces.
  • Tahnok Va (along with the rest of the Bohrok Va) has Tahnok's shield as its head.
  • It also carried Turaga Vakama's Staff.
  • Their Krana color was Yellow.


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