This page is about the rebooted version of the character from 2015. You may be looking for the original version instead.
This page is about the rebooted version of the character from 2015. You may be looking for the original version instead.
This page is about the rebooted version of the character from 2015. You may be looking for the original version instead.

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Tahu Information
Species Toa
Mask Golden Unity Mask of Fire, Unity Mask of Fire, Mask of Fire (formerly), Golden Mask of Fire (formerly)
Colors Red, gold, red-orange, azure (accent)
Element/Powers Fire, Lava, heat resistance
Occupation Master of Fire
Tools Elemental blades of fire, Fire Blades/Lava Surfboard (formerly); Golden Swords (formerly)
Location Okoto
Status Alive
Pronunciation TAH-hoo
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Tahu was a Toa and the Master of Fire on Okoto.


After being summoned by the Protector elders, Tahu and the other Toa landed on Okoto and embarked on a quest to find the Mask of Creation and fight evil. Once Tahu landed, he found himself greeted by a crowd of villagers. While the Protector of Fire explained Tahu’s destiny, Skull Spiders ambushed the small party. Tahu quickly and accidentally defended the whole population from a group of Skull Spiders, causing the villagers to bow down to him. The Toa and the Protector then set out to claim his Mask of Power, the Golden Mask of Fire.

Tahu's previous form

The two traveled for weeks until they reached the largest and most violent volcano on Okoto, which Tahu climbed with the Protector of Fire on his back. When they reached the top, the Protector of Fire defended Tahu from a horde of green Skull Spiders using his Elemental Fire Blaster, while the Toa claimed his Golden Mask. Inside, Tahu lavaboarded to reach his mask, and just as he reached the mask, the Protector of Fire ran out of ammunition. Using his mask, the Toa rose up to the Protector of Fire, who had been overtaken by Skull Spiders. Tahu defeated them quite easily, and soon set off for the Ancient City.

Upon reaching the Ancient City, Tahu encountered the other Toa, getting in an arguement about leadership with Kopaka. After Onua broke up the fight, the Toa set out through the gates, where they encountered the Lord of Skull Spiders. After failing to individually defeat the villain, the Toa teamed up and defeated it. Moments later, the Toa heard the Mask Maker communicating with them via their Golden Masks. He commended them on their bravery, and instructed them to locate his resting place. Tahu and the other Masters then set out to find Ekimu, their masks guiding them.

Later, when in the City, He and the other Toa were outgunned by Skull Warriors. To their luck, Lewa, saved them, and while Lewa went to the arena again, Tahu argued with Kopaka about which path to Ekimu was right, just then to run into an unconscious Lewa, whose mask had been stolen by the Skull Slicer.

After defeating the Skull Slicer and retrieving Lewa's mask, the Toa fell into a ravine created when Onua accidentally damaged the floor, thus trapping them. He and the other Toa then recapped on their journey until they discovered a hidden tunnel and escape their prison.


Tahu is known for his heroics, courage, and luck. His courage makes him extremely overconfident and makes him think he should be the leader of the Toa. He does learn patience in the end. When it comes to performance, he likes to take things to the extreme and strives to exceed expectations. On the other hand, Tahu can be rather hot-tempered and he likes to think of himself as the most heroic of the Toa. He has a tendency to be forgetful, which is known to get him into trouble. However, as Tahu also has a tendency to be very lucky, he always manages to come out on top in spite of his reckless actions.

Powers and Tools

Tahu’s old weapons

Tahu has the ability to control fire and is resistant to heat damage.

Previously he had a pair of Fire Blades as his primary weapons, which could combine into a Lava Surfboard for lava surfing. When using the surfboard, he could also use two smaller Golden Swords, which are otherwise stored on his back. He has since gotten two claw-like Elemental blades of fire. He wore the Mask of Fire, as well as the Golden Mask of Fire, which has now been replaced with the Unity Mask of Fire and the Golden Unity Mask of Fire.


  • At the 2014 New York Comic Con, a clear version of the Mask of Fire was released. Only 1,500 of the masks were made.
  • This set contained 89 pieces.
  • In early 2015, a Trans-Neon Orange Mask of Fire was made to be sent with any online purchase from the LEGO website.

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