Mmmkay. So I did this on the Ga-Koro Defense Force page, too. My images are back up. "Good deity, he's starting a flame war!" No. I do not intend to flame. I do not intend to attack. Look, I went over this back in March. They said that if I could get an image or two, WITH the canon Keras set and no MOCs in the shot, then I could put it up on the wikia no problem. That's what I agreed upon with the site leader and another admin. Check my talk page, I have all of my information on that. But you'll notice that my prior image was deleted because it was an MOC, and then an admin put it back because "The Rahi are official or more or less combiner set of two Bohrok sets, so they are not consider MOCs". Now, that image was deleted eventually BECAUSE of the two non-canon sets. But this image has nothing but canon things. It's got canon Matoran, riding canon Keras, through water which we know existed on top of sand which we know existed. So, what the Karzahni? Please respond with questions, instructions, whatever. I have high respect for all admins, and want to be cooperative. It's just that their removal is, at this point of time and in my personal opinion, completely nonsensical. Thanks. --Captaiin Price (talk) 04:12, August 3, 2014 (UTC)

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