I had to remove what might have been a leaked image link to Brickshelf! I am not an Admin. but i would like to ask whoever did it to not do it again!Panakalego 01:06, 19 January 2008 (UTC)

Listen ppl, I have a theory about where the vehicles are hidden. Maybe the OoMN put them inside the Codrex, possibly? Toa Makao's fortress is located here Dare to interrupt I, the Bohrok king Why am I in trouble this time?

I think the "Pohatu specially adapted for the Rockoh T3" is really his appearance after being aged some by Toa Ignika... Ld760 O HAI

No, it's not. Ignika changed his age back to normal anyways. Did Pohatu take the Rockoh T3 to Destral with him I wonder...Makao's Back {T/\L|<|c0|\|tribs|Sig|\|/\ture /\rchi\/e}

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