Job Information
Job ClassificationGa-Matoran
PurposeTo educate other Matoran

Teacher was a Ga-Matoran who worked in a Ga-Metru School and taught classes about various subjects. These subjects included logic, philosophy, translation, purification of Protodermis, history of Metru Nui, environmental science, properties of Liquid Protodermis and diplomacy, among others.

Classrooms were spacious and comfortable in design and equipped with the latest instructional technologies, as well as models of equipment used in the Protodermis purification process. During their careers, Teachers sought the coveted title of Exemplary Teacher, awarded to a Matoran with particular prowess at teaching and who had a high rate of academic success among their students. As part of their duty, Teachers were also expected to log hours in the Ga-Metru Labs, working alongside Lab Workers to come up with innovative techniques for Protodermis purification.

Known Teachers

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