Set Telluris
Biographical Information
Species Glatorian
Group Iron Tribe
Mask None
Colors Orange and dark grey
Element/Powers None
Homeland Spherus Magna
Occupation Scavenger
Tools Skopio XV-1
Status Deceased
Pronunciation tell-er-ISS
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Telluris was a member of the Iron Tribe.


Telluris was a member of a tribe that was obliterated by the Dreaming Plague after the other tribes refused to help save them out of fear that contact would spreading the plague to their own village. After the event, the very few remaining tribesmen settled in the wastelands, the only other named survivor being Sahmad. Telluris then suggested that they recolor their armor with minerals, to trick the Agori into thinking they were from a different tribe. However, this did not work, and the Iron Tribe Members were still shunned.

At some point, Telluris constructed the Skopio XV-1 and based it off the giant native scorpions in the region, the Skopio. However, it was later sabotaged by Mata Nui and the Glatorian (Ackar, Kiina and Gresh), rendering it useless. After he and Sahmad saw the extinction of their tribe, Telluris discovered the damage to his vehicle, and Sahmad tried to find tools to repair the Skopio.

Telluris later encountered Sahmad, who was traveling through the desert in search of the cause of the Dreaming Plague. After some convincing, Telluris agreed to help Sahmad find the source of the disease. Later, they encountered Metus, who explained that he could no longer dream. Sahmad realized that the plague was starting to spread again, but before he could find the source, the three were dragged underground by Annona.

In Sahmad's illusion, Sahmad was told that Telluris had died. This illusion was later broken. Telluris was alive and trying to get Sahmad up onto the surface along with Metus, who was once again a normal Agori. They then started running for the surface away from Annona, and once they got there, they saw Annona was there already.

After Annona sensed its next meal, Sahmad convinced Telluris and Metus to follow Annona, and Annona teleported away with the three Agori. Telluris found himself drowning with the others, and saw Annona heading for a fortress on the beach cliffside. Upon reaching the top, Telluris and the others saw Skakdi trapped in Annona's illusions. A golden being then burst out of the fortress, asking why Annona was there. Annona stated that it wanted to feast on their dreams, and the gold being challenged Annona.

During the battle, the dreams of the Skakdi were brought to life, and Telluris witnessed this. After several Skakdi attempted to attack Annona and died, he charged at Annona with a branch he had found, only to meet the same fate.

Set Information[]

Telluris stand on

Telluris next to the Skopio XV-1

  • Telluris was released as a part of the Skopio XV-1 set released in the summer 2009 as set number 8996. Together Telluris and Skopio XV-1 contained 849 pieces. However, Telluris only required 38 of these pieces.
  • Telluris and Skopio XV1's B.I.O. Code is 5K0P10.


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