Temple of Peace
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Location Information
Primary Residents
Former ResidentsThe Crystal of Peace
LocationThe Drifts, Ko-Wahi

The Temple of Peace (also known as Ko-Koro Ruins) was a temple located within The Drifts near/on Mount Ihu in Ko-Wahi. It was dedicated to the principle of Peace. Also the Crystal of Peace was kept in here as well.

There were four large stones that formed outside the temple; only three of the stones have riddles while the fourth stone consisted of a small rock doorway that opened (if the all three riddles are solved) and allows you (as Hahli in the game) to enter the temple.

The riddles were:

  • The Third Virtue (Charm of Destiny)
  • Inner Strength (Charm of Willpower)
  • Fate's Child (Charm of Peace)

It was later destroyed by the Bohrok after the Toa Nuva released the Bahrag.


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