Temple of Prosperity
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Location Information
Primary Residents'
Former ResidentsThe Crystal of Prosperity
LocationFlooded Great Mine, Onu-Wahi
Sizelimitless (due to being flooded)

The Temple of Prosperity was a temple (also known as the Secret Cave) located at the bottom of the flooded Great Mine in Onu-Wahi. It was dedicated to the principle of Prosperity. The Crystal of Prosperity was kept here as well.

There is no riddle to unlock the doors to access the temple; instead the doors will unlock themself if they recognized the charms representing the meanings of their symbols.

The symbols recognition:

  • The symbol of this temple's Principle (Charm of Prosperity)
  • The symbol of one of the three Virtues (Charm of Duty)
  • The symbol of one of the three Virtues (Charm of Destiny)
  • The symbol of this Koro's Kolhii Skill (Charm of Stamina)

Inside the Temple of Prosperity in MNOG II

It was destroyed by the Bohrok when the Toa Nuva released the Bahrag from their Toa Seal.


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