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Temple of Purity
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Location Information
Primary Residents'
Former ResidentsThe Crystal of Purity
LocationUnder Naho Bay, Ga-Wahi

The Temple of Purity (also known as the Lost Reef) was a temple in Ga-Wahi, under Naho Bay, at the coordinates 'G-6' on Pelagia's sea chart. It was dedicated to the principle of Purity. The Crystal of Purity was kept in here.

Temple of Purity in Naho Bay

Temple of Purify before purifying the water.

In order to access the temple, Hahli gathered the three charms, related to this temple's principle, a Virtue, and Ga-Koro's Kolhii Skill, then solved the riddles on the doors by placing the charms on the key slots near them.

The riddles were:

  • All Are One... Or None (Charm of Unity)
  • From Unity Derived (Charm of Purity)
  • From Clear Waters Granted (Charm of Speed)

Inside the temple was a chamber where four sculptures of Matoran faces from which water flowed into the pond below, throughout the temple, and Naho Bay.

When Hahli arrived at the temple, three of the four statues were slowly pouring out polluted water. She then found several faucets located on the right side of the temple, and, by turning these, the water was purified and the Crystal of Purity appeared.

It was later destroyed by the Bohrok when the Toa Nuva awakened the Bahrag.



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