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So, your title is Makuta? What do you do?"
"Whatever is necessary. My role is to aid the Toa in looking after the villagers; to create new life forms, as needed; and to teach the virtues of unity, duty and destiny to those I and my brothers bring into being.
Mazeka and Teridax, Brothers In Arms
Teridax (Melding Alternate Universe)
Teridax The Melding
Biographical Information
Species Makuta
Group Great Beings
Mask Great Kraahkan
Colors White and gold
Element/Powers Light,
Shadow (Kanohi),
Kraata powers
Homeland "The Melding" alternate timeline
Occupation Warrior for the Great Beings
Tools Warhammer
Location Spherus Magna (Reformed)
Status Alive
Pronunciation ter-ih-dacks
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This Teridax was a version of Teridax from the Melding universe. Unlike Teridax of the Main Universe, he had retained his light and fought for the forces of good.


In the Melding universe, Makuta Teridax was created as a warrior of light for the Great Beings, he and his brothers having the purpose of eliminating the powers of darkness present on Spherus Magna. As stated by him, his role was to aid the Toa and villagers and create new life forms, as well as to teach said life forms the value of the Three Virtues. After Mazeka and Vultraz arrived in this universe, Macku chose Teridax to guide them to the fortress of the Great Beings.

After arriving at the fortress, Mazeka was offered the privilege of allowing one being from the Melding universe to return with him to his universe in exchange for Vultraz; the being Mazeka selected was Teridax. After arriving back in the Matoran Universe, on the Southern Continent, the two eventually came upon a ridge overlooking a deserted Ba-Matoran village , where they discussed how, had he been in his situation, the alternate Teridax may have been just as ruthless as his counterpart. The Teridax of the main universe then created a maelstrom which blew the pair down to the village. Through the mouths of the dead Visorak scattered around the village, the Makuta spoke to them, saying that a weaker version of himself could never defeat him. The alternate Teridax stated that he was stronger because he resisted the temptations his counterpart could not. As a response, and to end the threat posed by another Makuta, the Teridax of the Matoran Universe teleported three Shadow Takanuva to the village.

He then engaged the Takanuva clones, and ended up destroying them. Afterward, he sensed the death of Shadow Teridax and teleported Mazeka and himself to the edge of the Ba-Matoran village. After debating how to patch up his wound from the battle, he and Mazeka found their way out of the Makuta Robot. He now lives on Spherus Magna.

Powers and Equipment[]

This version of Teridax carried a Warhammer and wore a golden Kanohi Kraahkan, the Great Mask of Shadows. He also possessed access to the 42 Rahkshi powers, but unlike the main timeline Makuta, he possesses other abilities such as Light, Courage, Peace, and Telekinesis.


A Makuta must be a being utterly without doubt, or fear, or any trace of shadow, so it takes long years of meditation before one is ready to assume the title. The powers that once ran this world were mad with a hunger for power – the Great Beings created the Makuta as an answer to that.
— Teridax, Brothers In Arms
Vultraz thought he was going to be sick. What had they done to the Makuta here? Where was the delicious evil, the complex plans, the ruthless ambition? Or...if the Makuta’s actions had been fueled by a hatred/jealousy of Mata Nui, and there was no Mata Nui here, had things turned out differently?
— Narration, Brothers In Arms


  • The alternate Teridax's image was made for the Alternate Teridax Contest, which was won by BZPower member ToM Dracone. The entry won the contest and subsequently was added to the story as a canon image.
  • This version of Teridax and Miserix are now the last known Makuta alive.


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