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Cite your sources. Why should you? So people know where you got the info from, and to know that it is official. Information about BIONICLE comes from a variety of sources, so fact and conjecture can be easily mixed. Therefore citations should be used whenever possible. This provides integrity and verifiablility to the articles.

Marking as needing citationsEdit

You can (and should) mark information as needing citations by adding templates. To mark a whole article as needing citations, add {{Verify}} to the top of the page. To mark a certain piece of information as needing citations add {{fact}} after the information, in a format like this:

First sentence.  Sentence containing the information you want checked.{{fact}}  Another sentence

Note that the template goes after the punctuation ending the sentence in question, but before the spaces separating it from the next sentence. If you instead want to tag a particular word or phrase, place the template immediately after the (last) word (in the phrase) unless punctuation immediately follows it, in which case you would put the template after the punctuation.

Both of the templates above add the article to the category Articles needing verification.

Of course, when possible, one should find the citation itself instead of just tagging the page/sentence as needing a citation.

If something is outright ridiculous, purely speculative, or otherwise blatantly false, just remove it. You won't need to add a citation needed template in that case.

How to cite sources Edit

Citing sources is actually very easy, here is how to do it. For this step-by-step guide, let's prove Tahu is a Toa.

Step 1 Edit

In front of the fact you are citing, place <ref></tags> tags:

Tahu is a Toa.<ref>BIONICLE Chronicles #1: Tale of the Toa</ref>

Step 2 Edit

At the bottom of the article create a section called "== Sources ==" or "== References ==", and type:


If done correctly, it will show up like this:

Tahu is a Toa.[1]

Sources Edit

1. ↑ BIONICLE Chronicles #1: Tale of the Toa


See? It's that simple!

Multiple sources for the same fact Edit

If more than one official source states the same fact, you could use multiple source tags.

Tahu is a Toa.<ref>BIONICLE Chronicles #1: Tale of the Toa</ref><ref>BIONICLE Issue #1: Six Heroes, One Destiny</ref><ref>[]</ref>

Shows up as:

Tahu is a Toa.[1][2][3]

Sources Edit

1. ↑ BIONICLE Chronicles #1: Tale of the Toa
2. ↑ BIONICLE Issue #1: Six Heroes, One Destiny
3. ↑

Using the same source, multiple times Edit

If the need should arise, one could use the same source to prove numerous facts. Such as the one fact being on the same page as another fact.

Tahu is a Toa<ref name="Toa Mata">BIONICLE Chronicles #1, Introduction, Pg. 2</ref>
Kopaka is a Toa<ref name="Toa Mata">
Lewa is a Toa<ref name="Toa Mata">
Gali is a Toa<ref name="Toa Mata">
Pohatu is a Toa<ref name="Toa Mata">
Onua is a Toa<ref name="Toa Mata">

Shows up as:

Tahu is a Toa[1]
Kopaka is a Toa[1]
Lewa is a Toa[1]
Gali is a Toa[1]
Pohatu is a Toa[1]
Onua is a Toa[1]

Sources Edit

1.1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 ↑ BIONICLE Chronicles #1, Introduction, Pg. 2

Removing and modifying citationsEdit

To remove a citation, simply remove the entire reference statement. Note that if you remove the first instance of a citation which is referenced later by its identifier, this will cause an error. Change the next instance of the citation from the "short" version to the "full" version. For example, say you have an article that looks like this:

Something.  Something more.<ref name=lol>lol citation</ref>  Some other stuff.  More stuff.<ref name=lol />  Even more stuff!<ref name=lol />

Removing the <ref name=lol>lol citation</ref> citation will make the following "short" citations (<ref name=lol />) output errors. You should either remove all of these or change the next short citation to the "complete" citation.

To modify a citation, you simply need to find the "complete" citation and modify the information between the <ref> tags (you can't modify a "short" citation, since it merely points back to the "complete" citation). Note that modifying a complete citation will also modify all short citations that point to it.

Citation TemplatesEdit

Citation template are pre-made formatting templates that make formatting and standardizing citations easier. You should use these whenever possible instead of just inserting arbitrary text between the <ref> tags. Citation template are relatively simple, you just insert the template between the <ref> tags. There are several templates, each for a different type of source:

Reliable SourcesEdit

Make sure you use reliable sources. Random internet forums are not reliable (unless Greg Farshtey goes there sometimes, but even then, be careful). Make sure you stick to truly reliable sources. Examples include the books, the comics, the movies, websites run by LEGO, and direct quotes from Greg Farshtey. Information from unreliable sources will be removed.

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