Our valiant users and admins fight vandalism and spam

The BIONICLE Wiki has Ranks. These ranks are used to identify users. The BIONICLE Wiki's ranking system is based off the BIONICLE storyline.

Users with a * beside them are inactive.


  • Turaga (Wiki Leader) - A Toa who has been elected to lead the site becomes the current Wiki Turaga. Turaga outrank all other users, but can be removed if the community feels he does a very bad job. The current Turaga (and all past Turaga) is/are:
  • Toa (Administrator) - special users that spent enough time here to be promoted in a time of need. They're considered the "Toa Team" of The BIONICLE Wiki. In addition to what normal users can do, admins can protect pages and edit protected pages, delete pages, use the helpful "rollback" feature, block vandals and spammers and edit the wiki interface. The users with admin access are:
  • Matoran Guard (Rollbacker) -users with the ability to revert vandalism and spam with the click of a single button. They are just like normal users, but with one extra button. Users with the Rollback ability are:
  • Matoran (users) - users are the normal folk of the website. They can edit pages, upload images and move pages at will. They are promoted by a Bureaucrat to Matoran Guard or even Toa if necessary. Any user not mentioned above is a Matoran.
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