This is the place for Bioniclepedia, The Bionicle Wiki, and Wiki Metru authority to discuss The Merge.

Helpful Links:Edit

If you don't know what on earth I'm talking about, follow these links:

To-Do List:Edit

  1. Finish negotiations. This will be done by Kazi22 and Toa Makao, with Toa Roden representing Toa Makao for an unknown time. Complete
  2. Inform TBW staff of all changes, etc. This will be done by Kazi22, with assistance from BP staff. Assumed Complete
  3. Put adopted Bioniclepedia practices, such as Bohrok Swarms, BP Constitution, etc. into use. This will be done by all authority. Partially Complete
  4. When possible, transfer chosen information/files from Bioniclepedia. This will be done by the entire population.
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