The Official Guide to BIONICLE
Book Information
AuthorGreg Farshtey
SeriesBIONICLE guide books
Year published2003
Number in series1
Previous bookNone
Next bookBIONICLE: Metru Nui - City of Legends

The Official Guide to BIONICLE was the first guide book released on August 1, 2003 and was written by Greg Farshtey.


The guide book featured full-page profiles and CGI-rendered forms of the Toa Nuva, the Turaga, the Matoran (like Macku and Jaller), the Makuta, Rahi, Bohrok, Bohrok-Kal, the Rahkshi, and many more. Each profile also includes a pronunciation guide and some facts about the Matoran.

Extra contents

The guide book includes a map of Mata Nui, a key of the Matoran Alphabet, and a short dictionary of Treespeak. The guide book also explained briefly on what has occurred during and after a saga (For example, The Quest for the Masks saga in 2001) and how the next saga (the Bohrok Swarms saga in 2002) fits to the storyline.

Matoran messages

At the bottom of certain pages in the guide book; there is seven secret messages that gives clues/hints of who is the Toa of Light and where/when he would reveal himself. This was to promote the BIONICLE: Mask of Light movie.


  • In this guide book, Treespeak was referred as Le-Koro Slang.
  • Curiously, all Ice-related characters are listed as being "silver" instead of "white", with the sole exception of Kurahk.
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