The Shadowed One's Species
The Shadowed One
Species Information
HabitatStelt (homeland)
Tools and AbilitiesVarious

"The Shadowed One"'s Species belonged to an island "of shadows and ice, a place never blessed by the loving gaze of Mata Nui". It is also the homeland of fellow Dark Hunters "Ancient", "Conjurer", and "Tyrant".

This species was originally a peaceful one until "Ancient" began a mercenary business, hiring himself out to the highest bidder. The peaceful society of the island quickly fragmented, ultimately dissolving into open warfare. Upon seeing the success of "Ancient's" business, "the Shadowed One" met with "Ancient" to discuss forming an organization based on the latter's exploits. They then left the island to form the Dark Hunters on Odina.

"Tyrant" and "Conjurer" also were members of this conflict who found they thoroughly enjoyed conquest and leadership; as the war began winding down, they individually left the island for for other realms that they could conquer and call their own.

Known Members[]