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A Thornax Launcher

Thornax stew


Thornax were fruits that grew on Bara Magna. The fruits were used as ammunition for Thornax Launchers. The juices inside a Thornax were acidic, but could be used as ink for writing. There were three stages of Thornax:

  • Unripe: Thornax which were not yet ripe could be picked, softened by boiling, and eaten. Bone Hunters made a particularly foul smelling and tasting Thornax stew.
  • Ripe: Mature Thornax had spikes and were rock-hard, which made them very effective ammunition in a fight.
  • Over-Ripe: If a Thornax was allowed to ripen for too long in the desert heat, they could actually become explosive. While it was not illegal, their use was frowned upon in most village arenas. Explosive Thornax were allowed in battles in the Arena Magna of Atero.


Set Information[]

Thornax Fruits were included in all of the Glatorian sets, Tuma and Fero & Skirmix. They were also included in the Glatorian Legends sets, the Vehicles, as well as the Titan set of Toa Mata Nui .


  • Vorox also ate Thornax, but it's not known if they made Thornax Stew, or just ate the Thornax.