Thornax Launcher
Comic Thornax Launcher
Weapon Information
PowerFires Thornax fruit
Functionall Glatorian, some vehicles, Bone Hunters, Skopio
User(s)In use

Thornax Launchers were weapons used to shoot Thornax, an explosive fruit native to Bara Magna.

The Thornax launcher was the preferred missile weapon of Glatorian and Bone Hunters on Bara Magna. Durable, simple to operate and repair, it also had the advantage of being light and easy to carry on long treks across the desert. It is considered the best device that the Agori can create. It has only been known to fire spiked Thornax fruit, which has proven to be quite a devastating type of ammunition.


Set Information[]

Thornax Launchers were included in all the Glatorian sets, the Tuma set, the Fero and Skirmix set, the Toa Mata Nui set, and all the vehicle sets.

The prototype for the Thornax Launchers were Zamor Launchers with Thornax as ammunition.


  • In BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn, during the match between Tarix and Vastus, Thornax Launchers were shown to create a projectile, then fire it.
  • In the same film, the launchers are seen and used very sparingly, which is in contrast to the sets.
  • Mata Nui is never seen with one in the film.
  • The Thornax Launcher toy is based on and is very similar to the Zamor Launcher. In fact, concept art still visible in the BIONICLE Action Figure Game's instructionsshow the figures Skrall, Gresh, Tarix, and Fero using Zamor Sphere Launchers to fire Thornax. The Zamor Sphere Launchers are also painted to match their user's colors/element: Grey, Green, Gold, and Grey respectively. This probably means that the launchers were changed late in development, as the figures themselves barely change and the images were already in the finished instructions.

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