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Toa Canister Builder
Job Information
Job ClassificationAv-Matoran
PurposeBuild Canisters for Toa

Toa Canister Builders were Av-Matoran whose job was to build Toa Canisters for Toa.

Most of the builders were located in a place referred to as "the world that feeds the world", although one unknown Av-Matoran worked alone building the canisters in a room in the land of Karzahni. Once the canisters were built and tested, they were placed in various locations in the universe. Toa canister builders were responsible for building the Toa Canisters used by Tahu and his team, which malfuctioned on their way to the island of Mata Nui and instead floated in the ocean for 1,000 years. 

The lone Av-Matoran working in Karzahni built the canisters used by Jaller, Hewkii, Kongu, Hahli, Matoro and Nuparu to escape the insane ruler and travel to the island of Voya Nui. When the canisters arrived on Voya Nui, they were struck by lightning sent from the Red Star, which transformed the Matoran inside into six Toa.

Known Toa Canister Builders[]