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Toa Empire
Toa Empire Information
Species AffliationToa
EnemiesThe Rebellion, surviving members of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Dark Hunters
HomelandMetru Nui
GoalEnforce "order" in Metru Nui

The Toa Empire was an empire of Toa on Metru Nui, existing in a Parallel Universe.


The Toa Empire was started when Toa Mangai Tuyet got Nidhiki to help her defeat Lhikan.

This empire was ruled by Toa Tuyet. Takanuva ended up here accidentally after being teleported by Brutaka's cracked Kanohi Olmak. In this timeline, the Toa Mata never undertook the transformation to Toa Nuva.

In this timeline's empire, the majority of the Toa, under the influence of Tuyet, were depicted as arrogant spiteful leaders, as opposed to their noble and selfless ways in the Matoran Universe.

A few exceptions in this typical character of a Toa were Pohatu, Lesovikk and Krakua, who joined a resistance group against Tuyet. They made one attack upon her at the Coliseum, after which she was forced into the void between dimensions by Takanuva.




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