The Toa Mahri Mini Movie was a 2-minute movie from made to advertise the Toa Mahri.



Bionicle Toa Mahri Mini Movie (2 min)

The movie begins with a shot of the Toa Terrain Crawler diving through the Stone Cord. Inside, the Toa Mahri are sitting, without their masks or weapons. Some devices of the Toa Terrain Crawler appear and put the Toa's masks and weapons on them. The Toa Terrain Crawler reaches the Pit and stops. A special opening in the Toa Terrain Crawler's ceiling opens, and the Toa find and their Cordak Blasters in it. The Toa take the blasters, and the Crawler is filled with water. Then the Crawler's door is opened, and the Toa go out. The Toa walk near the Crawler, when two Takea\Ray Hybrids attack them. The Toa shoot at them with their blasters, and one of Nuparu's shots almost hits one of them. Matoro, riding on an underwater vehicle, chases one of the beasts. The second one pushes Jaller and Kongu, and they fall off a cliff.

Hahli swims after the Takea/Ray hybrid, and Hewkii and Nuparu are left alone, until Gadunka suddenly arrives and shoots two squids at them, who also fall from the cliff. Matoro returns with his vehicle, jumps out of it, and hits Gadunka with his Twin Cutter. The vehicle crashes on Gadunka, and the remains of it are also fall off the cliff. Meanwhile, Jaller finds the Ignika and takes it, and then Hydraxon comes and grabs Jaller to take the mask. After that, Spinax suddenly jumps on Hydraxon. Hydraxon falls and then throws Spinax away from him. Jaller and the mask fall to the ground. Then, Teridax in the form of a Maxilos robot comes and shoots at Hydraxon with his Cordak blaster. Hydraxon avoids the shots, and throws one of his explosive boomerangs. Teridax blocks the boomerang with his Twin-Bladed Black Fire Sword, and then Jaller takes the mask again. Both Teridax and Hydraxon jump to attack Jaller, and then he jumps up, and throws the Ignika to Matoro, who is riding one of the Takea/Ray Hybrids. Matoro catches the mask, and the movie ends.


  • Throughout the movie, Jaller's Hahnah Crab is on his back, and Jaller holds his blaster in his hand.
  • The song in the background is "Crashed" by Chris Daughtry for the US version. The EU version used Face me by Cryoshell

Niels Brinck