Toa Power was the inherent energy within a Toa, (Not to be confused with elemental energy), and was vital to the life and destiny of all Toa. If used up, the lack of it would transform the Toa into a Turaga, and could not be reattained. Latent Toa Power could be found in certain destined Matoran, and when exposed to active Toa Power, those dormant energies would activate, and transform that Matoran into a Toa.

Toa Power could also be transferred into like-named Toa Stones, such as when Lhikan surrendered his in order to create a new generation of Toa for Metru Nui. Toa could only infuse a set of six stones with their full reserves, but it was not until they were used by destined Matoran, that the Toa in question became a Turaga.

Though an intrinsic part of a Toa's being, and often given freely when a Toa completed their destiny, it was possible through nefarious means to leech Toa Power with the use of a Nui Stone.

Known Uses[]

  • Transforming a destined Matoran into a Toa.
  • Awakening one or more beings from a coma.
  • Healing other beings, including Rahi.
  • If used up, it would transform a Toa into a Turaga.